Seven Renter-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

March 5, 2024

Are you renting an apartment and longing to make it feel more like home? Decorating a rental space can present unique challenges, but with a little creativity and flexibility, you can transform your apartment into a space that you will be proud to call home. Whether dealing with limited space or a tight budget, these seven renter-friendly decorating tips will help the decorating process feel much less daunting.

  1. Adding an area rug is one of the easiest ways to elevate a space. It adds warmth and comfort, instantly making the room feel cozier and more inviting. Especially in an open floor plan, it is the perfect way to define and break up different areas of the room. Whether you go for a neutral or a bold statement piece, there are rugs to suit every taste and budget making it the perfect addition for any apartment home.
  2. Decorative Lighting can instantly add ambiance to your new apartment home. Adding a string of lights or a chic table lamp will bring you the personality and character you desire. Don’t forget to pay attention to choosing your lightbulbs! With both warm and cool-toned lighting options, they can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of a room. Warm-toned lighting creates a cozy and inviting mood and is ideal for areas where relaxation and socializing are the main purposes. Cool-toned lighting creates a bright and energizing atmosphere and tends to make a space feel more open and is best for spaces where focus and productivity are the goals.
  3. Pillows and throws are an excellent renter-friendly way to add comfort and style to your new home. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures there are endless ways to mix and match pillows and throw blankets to complement your current décor or add a new statement piece. They are the perfect low-commitment way to make your new apartment feel like home.
  4. Plants add a touch of greenery and freshness and can transform any apartment into a vibrant oasis. Whether you choose a towering fiddle leaf fig or some low-maintenance succulents, they have the power to elevate the appeal of any room. They are incredibly versatile, and not only do they add beauty to your home, but they have many health benefits including purifying the air and reducing stress levels. Best of all, you can find plants that offer minimal maintenance for those without a green thumb! But don’t forget to do some research beforehand on non-toxic plants to ensure your furry friends stay safe.
  5. Multi-functional furniture is a great option to maximize your space and functionality in your new apartment. This can allow renters to make the most of every square foot without sacrificing space! Furniture options such as sofa beds, storage ottomans, and extendable dining tables can all provide extra seating and storage to keep the clutter at bay. These options can also adapt to changing lifestyles, making it a perfect investment for renters who may move more frequently, or like to change up their spaces!
  6. Artwork or décor is the best way to add personality to your space! Strategically placing artwork, mirrors, and wall accessories can visually open a room and create the illusion of more space. Artwork and gallery walls can draw the eye upward, making the ceiling appear higher and the room feel larger. Mirrors reflect the light and bounce it around the room, creating a brighter atmosphere while opening the room. Carefully chosen décor accessories such as vases, sculptures, and trinkets placed throughout can add the perfect amount of personality and style without making any permanent changes.
  7. Adding personal touches to your new apartment is a wonderful way to make it feel like home. Display meaningful photos or artwork within a gallery wall or other arrangements, while using removable hooks or adhesive hanging strips to avoid damaging walls. Think about including decor that relates to your hobbies or passions, so it truly makes your new apartment unique.

Moving into a new home may feel overwhelming with all the ways you can decorate and furnish your new apartment. But remember, with these seven renter-friendly tips you can transform a blank canvas into a whole new room. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect apartment community to call home, look no further than ResideBPG! With a wide range of floor plans, amenities, and a pet-friendly community, you’ll find everything you need to create the ultimate living experience within Wilmington, Delaware. Schedule your tour today and experience living in a community designed with YOU in mind!

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